O Julia

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O Julia, do you remember elementary school

Where every one of us was a young fool

Drunk on youth although we couldn't drink yet

Free from the constrains of student debt

Gee, Julia, elementary school ruled.


Julia, do you remember the class artist?

Katherine DuBois wasn't the smartest

But boy, was she talented

Painting in all colors, blue, black, red,

In all shades of red, vermilion, blood, scarlet.

Now Kat's got her own gallery off in Pasadena somewheres

Making loads of dough off of charcoal, paint and entrance fares.

If I remember correctly

Kat was your best friend, wasn't she?

You've probably visited her to check out her wares.


Julia, do you remember the class clown?

Always smiling, with his face never twisted into a frown

No, that wasn't Manny's thing

Then in high school when he learned to sing

He got out of our little Nebraska town.

Manny's making it big on Broadway

Starring in some political play

There's not a part big enough to hold our boy

He was always dramatic; I'm sure this brings him plenty joy

I know he'll be amazing in his premiere today.


Julia, do you remember the class geek?

Jimmy, I think, wasn't exactly a freak

But he was definitely smart- A's on every test-

He was set, out of all of us, to be the very best

But I'm afraid, Julia, elementary was his peak.

High school burnout, beggar on the streets,

Not sure what he eats.

Imagine Jimmy homeless, it's sort of strange,

I'll pass him on the street sometimes and give him some change

How did Jimmy end up poor instead of mingling with the nation's elites?


Julia, do you remember the class bully?

Thomas but he insisted we call him Tommy

He'd beat us up if we did something he didn't like

I hated it but he called me "Mike"

Do you remember that, Julia, Jules, Julie?

It's "Tom" now, since he thinks he's a man

He grew up to be a rich Wall Street businessman

Life isn't fair sometimes but that's the way it is

If any life deserved to be terrible, it's not Jimmy's, it's his

But I must admit that if anyone could bully his way to the top, Tom can.


Julia, do you remember the one girl everyone thought was cool?

Ashleigh was her name- God, she was such a tool.

When she was born her mom wanted Leigh but her dad wanted Ash

Sorry to tell you but she died in a car crash

Our senior year of high school.

I was sort of glad at the time because honestly she was a bitch

A bona fide witch

They said she was drunk but I don't believe that

I think Ashleigh lost control, crumpled against a tree, went splat

But she got a nice funeral because her daddy's rich.


Julia, do you remember Amelia Blair?

One of the twins, one of a pair

Ashleigh's best friend

Up until the end

She fought for valedictorian in high school and won it fair and square.

Now, I hear,

She's a successful engineer,

Workin' at NASA without a care

And surprising the pants off of all the boys there.

Amelia wasn't great, but she wasn't bad either- I wish you both were here.


Julia, do you remember Oswald, Amelia's twin?

He stuck by Tom through thick and thin

Even when Tommy abandoned him to become a businessman

Loyalty must run in the Blair clan

But he didn't inherit that silver tongue from his kin.

I hated Oswald, and I can't help but hate

That he's running for President of the United States.

Isn't it unfair?

No, life isn't fair,

I want him to lose but in the meantime I'll just sit here and wait.


O, Julia, remember Stephen?

He was my best friend then.

Quiet kid with a passion for cooking

All the girls thought he was good-looking

Even you did, Julia, when we were ten.

Stephen ended up running his own restaurant

He set it up near the old coffee-shop haunt

I go there sometimes, always puts me in a good mood

I gotta say Stephen makes amazing food

And he still serves your mother's old recipe for croissants.


O Julia, do you remember elementary school?

It's nice to everyone but to me it was cruel

Julia O Julia, my sweetheart from first grade

With your sky-blue eyes and your freckled cheeks and your long golden braid

For me, of elementary you were the shining jewel.

My sweet girl, you're married now and in love with your husband and children

Living in a city in Colorado called Aspen

Are you satisfied with your life, my Julie?

Happy with the decisions you made, really, truly?

Did you ever think about what could have been?


Julia, do you remember me?

I was just that random kid on the fringes of society

Wanted to write a book someday

Now look at who I am today-

Depressed and lonely and only thirty-three.

I never wrote a book, Julia, so I guess this is goodbye.

If you never heard my name again, do you think you would cry?

Live for me, Julia, and please don't forget

The love you could have had that you might now regret

Julia mine, the end of us is nigh.


So know that I love you, I do.


O Julia, do you remember elementary school?

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This is a very touching piece, I definitely enjoyed reading!

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