One Thousand and Eighty

Fri, 04/11/2014 - 00:03 -- jkdd18


Sitting in a box 

A classroom, some call it

Day after day

Nine months of work all to take one test

Is it really worth it?

Six hours a day

One hundred eighty days a year

That's one thousand and eighty hours

One thousand and eighty hours

Imagine all you could do

Learn how to play one thousand and eighty new songs on the piano

Read one thousand and eighty poems

Cook one thousand and eighty dozen cupcakes

It's a lie

A whirlwind

Study and work yourself to death

To get into college where you are still studying and working yourself to death

To get a job where you will be working yourself to death

And then you really do die

What have you done?

Have you left the country?

Have you fallen in love?

Have you slept under the stars?

Or were you too busy

Memorizing dates and facts

Only to take a test

And then those dates and facts are lost


Learning should be about exploring

Discovering what you love

So that you can do what you love for your whole life

We are stuck in a vicious cycle

What would you do with your one thousand and eighty hours?


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