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Why is it when I want to shout and scream  and howl and roar until my lungs and throat burn as if I had just breathed out fire that only a mighty dragon could breathe nobody hears me  
So much is different,Happiness is such an expensive rent, You expect me to be calm,To apply over these wounds a healing balm?
Classy and collected, everyone expects me to be.
a word, a whisper  a shout, a scream no one ever hears a thing  ....well unless it fits within their reality    But I roar hoping someone will read my song  perhaps someone new will realize:
My name is Villa, first name Jennelle. Friends call me Jenny, it's easier to spell. All I want to do is spread my wings and soar. My name is Jenny, so hear me ROAR! I said goodbye to my lovely little home
I plaster the same smile on every day, Hiding the hurt and burying the truth. I didn't expect anyone to listen, But you did.   You heard my pains and reality, And you still adored me through it.
You told me once, "Don't let them weigh you down You can do anything."   That was years ago, years before it happened And you vanished like vapor, right before my eyes  
Beat me with your tiger stripesIf I do as you say isWRONGPush me to the starving pointWhen my fear was nearlyGONERake me upI am decaying leavesNever leave me beEnslave me and my siege
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