Cut the Bonds


You told me once, "Don't let them weigh you down

You can do anything."


That was years ago, years before it happened

And you vanished like vapor, right before my eyes


Suddenly, I was alone, afraid, terrified



Where you went, it was unimaginable

Down the rabbit hole, where things become foreign and scary


Life is harder, without you by my side

But your words mark me, hold me, stick to my heart as it pumps life into me


I have dreams, the kind that people laugh at

The kind of dreams you know can never happen to you, but it's there


It's like a sick plague in your heart, taunting you, whispering in your ear

"You want me, now come and get me."


It should be a cruel act, one that mocks the dreams you want

The ones you're afraid to utter out loud, in case they hear you


But your pwm words stuck to me, and will not shake off 

I want my dreams, and it's like I'm running thousands of miles to it


I want to climb mountains, I don't want to be quiet about them anymore

I want them all to know my name, and to all know I can be heard


The words I was once afraid to utter

I want them to stick to people's minds and never be shaken off


When I first met you, I never knew the right words to say as I fumbled and fell

But you saw what I was capable of, even if I didn't


Now, I'm screaming, louder than the soundwaves can carry

Loud enough so you can hear me, and carry it to those around you


You did everything for me, by doing nothing

Look back and remember, you made me roar


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