The Waves Are Roaring

Sat, 11/08/2014 - 08:50 -- ibelbs


Classy and collected, everyone expects me to be.

Rational and articulate, I always seem to be.

Others come to me for advice

While secretly, I search myself for security.

Contemplating existence at an early age

The oldest soul of all my friends.

Laughing at precarious boundaries

And indulging in each inclination -

Passionate, head strong and fearless,

I blow past the wind

and am unpredictable by the waves,

only to find myself trapped

by the mask they demand to see,

because they don't want the real me.

Falling in love with ideas is my favorite game,

And my rules are the only by which I play.

My mind is my safe haven,

And I pray the mask will never creep

Through the windows of my soul,

Where the real me roars in the flames,

Some day soon

I'll grab the lion by the ears,

breaking free from these temporal chains

And never lose sight of the sun.


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