Red Riding Hood

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Sometimes I feel like chicken little and no one else seems to see that the sky is falling and that I’m not strong enough to carry it.   Frantically fighting to get out of the way
Just some bread Just a roll For my grandmother No one will know She's been so frail So perhaps I'll grab a pail I'll fill it with water For my grandmother Just a bit of water
My grandmother had always warned me, "never to talk to strangers." "The night is full of dangers... That is unless you belong to the dark itself. " Here I am by my loneself.
I was given to her on her thirteenth birthday A bright red hood to symbolize her first red moon   Given to a girl who's grandmother loved her dearly
I wish I were my intestines; they are needed by someone. She is every organ.   Once, I ached to be her friend, fur shed, toenails
Was never one to listen to mother    Normally straying from the beaten path             On this day I came upon another        Spying, sneaking, seeking to forge his wrath     
Pretty little girl With a basket full of fruit.  Her mouth may smile,  But her eyes reveal the truth.    Says she's off to see her aunt,  But that's not her real plan- She has a secret hidden
Once Upon a Night You know how they all start Once Upon a Time You expect a princess A prince A happy ending— This is different.   Once Upon a Night The forest shivered and moaned
               Once upon a time, there was a girl named Red.                 She was known for her cape                 She lived in a town that was famous for grapes                 In the town Red committed many crimes
Once upon a time,  She used to live there. Red used to be a  ghetto girl.  Now it was just a memory that made her hair curl.  Red used to love The Wolf, the leader of that gang from long ago. 
We know how this story goes, my friends- The Witch, the tower, the Prince in the end- Sometimes, a Dragon (just for a twist) Perched tippity top, which is shrouded in mist-
Somber eyes full of tearslittle red was lostfar worse than she feared
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