Once Upon a Night

Once Upon a Night

You know how they all start

Once Upon a Time

You expect a princess

A prince

A happy ending—

This is different.


Once Upon a Night

The forest shivered and moaned

Your stomach groaned


And alone.


Once Upon a Night

Sleep was just out of reach

You had other priorities.

They were nagging

And demanding.


Once Upon a Night

Your steps were slow

As you scoured the forest looking

For something—

For anything.


Once Upon a Night

It disappeared.

The darkness is overcome by orange

And pink.

You realized it had been two days.


Once Upon a Morning

You saw red

Flashing through the woods.


And Inviting.


Once Upon a Morning

You caught her

You talked to her.

“To granny’s?” you asked.

You confused her.


Once Upon a Morning

You pulled your starving body

Through the waking woods.

You knew a shortcut.

You’d get there first.


Once Upon a Morning

You found it.

She was waiting.

Just like Red said.


Once Upon a Morning

You aren’t hungry.

The hunger pains disappeared

Like ancient history.


Once Upon a Morning

It flashed red.

She’s here.

You licked your lips

With anticipation.


Once Upon a Morning

“Granny?” was called

Only to be answered with growls.

Gone is red.

Gone is granny.


Once Upon a Morning

The screams were heard.

The axe stopped—

For a moment.


Once Upon a Night

The darkness enveloped you--

And you were never to wake. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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