Little Red Riding Hood

               Once upon a time, there was a girl named Red.

                She was known for her cape

                She lived in a town that was famous for grapes

                In the town Red committed many crimes

                The town hated Red most because of her bad rhymes

                So, they baked some bread

                Which would lure her to Grandma’s homestead

                And put together a plan

                To conspire with the wolf who talked like a man.

                They planted a letter for Red with the bread.

                While completing her daily mischief, she stumbled upon the bread aforesaid.

                The letter told her to take the bread to Grandma.

                So Red left town that night and town folk said “Halleluiah”.

                She sang on her way “To Grandma’s house I go”

                The Wolf heard her and donned his chapeau

                He told Red “That’s nice bread you have there.”

                Red said, “Yes, but there is none to spare.”

                This angered the wolf and Red started to flee.

                So the wolf scratched at a flea.

                Trotting off to Grandma’s, sprinting to see,

                If he could get rid of Grandma with a single plea

                For Grandma to go out to get some food.

                Grandma set off to the market so as not to seem rude.

                The wolf had lost his teeth, so he could not eat meat.

                So he went to Grandma’s bed and went under the sheet.

                He put on her clothes and was lying in wait.

                For Red to bring the bread, praying for his hunger to dissipate.

                When Red arrived at the house she looked around.

                She noticed the differences in Grandma and thought they were profound.

                She ignored the changes because she thought it was funny.

                Grandma came home and yelled “HONEY!!!!”

                People ran to help Grandma, throwing objects that would render someone dead.

                They were aiming at the wolf, but hit Red instead.


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