random thoughts

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<- OBSESSION -> manifests itself directly from deep -> LONGING that occurs due to unmet -> HUNGER
      Touching you lightly hold my hand, darling with you, there's a better me you're perfect the way you are      Your smile making light brighter your voice makes sound sweeter
I fell in love by the shore. Nose wide open. In a cool curve I felt a ripple of bliss. Through my eyes I followed every motion. Every gleam that shown through vibrant hue. The echo of true loves kiss.
Let me smell like cigarettes, after kissing your sweet, pouty lips. Help me look from left to right, please give me wisdom, give me sight.   I'm stranded here with nowhere to turn,
Today I saw a squirrel  and I named it Peanut. I don't know why: he just looked like a Peanut, as in the name and not the food.   He was squat and round, grey whiskers poking out across
I guess I write because I can. It's no want its a must. I write because I have a story to tell, but nobody to tell I can trust. My life isn't all hardships, its a beautiful one in fact. And that's why people feel I could'nt have a story.
You lie awake at night Thinking about the stars And anything else that pops up in your head, Making connections upon connections from topic to topic Moving from music to physics to life and love All in seconds…
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