Nameless Poem #1

Fri, 12/09/2016 - 01:01 -- jxxh

Let me smell like cigarettes,

after kissing your sweet, pouty lips.

Help me look from left to right,

please give me wisdom, give me sight.


I'm stranded here with nowhere to turn,

and i'm waiting for us to flourish or burn.

Let me tell you I love you so,

because I have to get up, run, and go.


It isn't fair, the things you do,

I'm looking around but I don't know for who.

My hands resting on your thighs,

as you look down at me with those big brown eyes.


I'm in love with you,

oh how it's true.

so let me kiss your tears away,

and don't think about what people may say.


Who cares if we smell like smoke and ash,

There will always be a bit of backlash.

Peck my cheek, and hold my hand,

I love you more than you could ever understand.


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