I Thought


United States
33° 23' 37.8528" N, 80° 17' 56.49" W

You lie awake at night
Thinking about the stars
And anything else that pops up in your head,
Making connections upon connections from topic to topic
Moving from music to physics to life and love
All in seconds…

What, no one? Just me?

But then comes the thought-bomb:
*I am not alone.*
Others—friends—just like me—
Nonsensical connections and free-roaming thoughts
That make the best conversations so difficult but so ENJOYABLE
Until my mind is worn out for the day.

*(who am I kidding, that never happens)*

But no…that can't be right.
No one is just like me. I am unique.
Isn't that what we've been told since birth?
I guess I have to settle for mental similarity…

You know what they always say:
It is what it is.
But it's not. But it is.
But it's NOT. It never is.
Unless it is.

Life is fascinating till you analyze it.
Then it's just annoying.


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