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So you're a Psychology prof. That's pretty cool I guess, and this is your first dual-credit class. You've never been around high schoolers, you don't know what to expect. But you share a little too much,
Extremely sarcastic professor Wants every student to impress her She twists the rules just as she chooses And grades the papers as she muses She sends them to the supervisor Who admits he’s none the wiser His rules are even more convoluted And so
We know you have years experience. We know you went through college too. We know you have the power to teach us however you want. To fail us, to pass us. You fail to give us information, to help us study
You think the world revolves around you, as most college professors do.  Really? Hell, I have a lot more things on my mind than your class. Tutoring. Eating. Working. Surviving.
Why'd I pay 10 K   for You to read me the slides Life's not a Scantron
I can’t tell him “No, I don’t understand” Because he’s sighing at me Looking over glasses at me As I break down in his office I can’t tell him “Please, explain it to me”
Dear Professor,
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