Sat, 09/14/2013 - 01:43 -- Soap

Dear Professor,

I have noticed, in your class, a disturbing trend.
I am writing this to ask you whether it will end.
It is a rather large problem for me, I am afraid,
And I know other students who are feeling quite betrayed.

I complain, of course, about bias.

I know that this is major, I acknowledge it is severe,
I am aware that this charge you do not want to hear.
But, frankly, esteemed Professor, I have had enough!
The concepts are not difficult, but you have made this tough!

The problem is caused, of course, by bias.

The evidence in your slides seems very selective,
The content of your class does not appear objective!
It may be standard elsewhere, but this is science,
A field that prides itself on logical compliance!

Your class is polluted, of course, with bias.

Many studies dispute what you claim is fact,
Many of your theories only work in the abstract,
And much of your focus is on fringe conjecture.
A classmate who took Logic refuses to attend lecture!

All of these are signs, of course, of bias.

What that I ask is for you to carefully remove,
Material that we have not yet managed to prove.
Please, Professor, do not make me be mean.
If I must, I will take my complaints to the Dean!

I ask that you teach, of course, without bias.

A disgruntled student


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