Couldn't say, Wouldn't listen

Sat, 10/19/2013 - 13:57 -- amay13


I can’t tell him

“No, I don’t understand”

Because he’s sighing at me

Looking over glasses at me

As I break down in his office

I can’t tell him

“Please, explain it to me”

Because the last time I asked for


And said “It might as well be in Spanish”

He shook his head and told me

It was English

I couldn’t say “No, I know

I can read the words but not the meaning."

I can’t tell him,

“Sir, I’m bipolar and I’m losing control.”

Because he won’t listen.

He just shakes his head and sighs,

“The deadline’s still Tuesday. I’m sorry.”

I can’t scream


Don’t tell me that you are

Look at me having

acute stress reaction number thirty two

clutching a note from a doctor in one hand

from a therapist in another

look at me begging for an extra day

to write this paper that I don’t understand

and don’t tell me that you can’t give me more time

because it’s “Not fair

to the others”

The others who haven’t

Come to you in tears

Yellow paper in one hand

Pink paper in the other

wet faced

red rimmed eyes

Begging for help."

I can’t say what I want to say,

Which is an explosion of anger and confusion


Because I’ve already lost

As he points

To the door.


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