Power Trip


We know you have years experience.

We know you went through college too.

We know you have the power to teach us however you want.

To fail us, to pass us.

You fail to give us information, to help us study

You fail to aid us when we come asking for help.

Yes you are the professor.

Let me give you a little lesson of your own:

We are the future.

We are those who will dictate how our world moves forward.

We are the light for efforts you have tried to make.

You can continue to ride along on your power trip.

You can sit up on your high horse.

You can act like this snooty scientist who has to waste your time teaching us.

But there will come a day,

where we will overcome you.

We will pass you, overshoot you.

And we will do that all, without you.

Enjoy your power trip now.

It doesn't last forever.



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