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There you are sitting.. Dazed and distracted... Are you alive? Can you hear me? You've made mistakes... You didn't catch a big break...... But don't stop trying.   Don't escape.
Consumed in all her desiresWhere the willingnes to live have drowned in the depths of despairA dim light appearsBlinded by the unknown she inches closer and closer
Stopping half way across his path I leaned up against his soul and saw the demon taking hold. He took out his nine inch sword and held to the sky telling me and my wolf, we were about to die.
Feels like I'm going crazy  Can't let these thoughts take control over me Wanting a drink  Or a sense of pain I tell myself I need it  It started to become a daily routine  Happening for years
They say time heals all wounds But what if that isn’t true Wounds eventually turn into scars And time can’t heal a mark that lasts forever Because whenever you look down, there it is
You see people that seem so sure of what they want to do and how they are to do it. Then you look at yourself and your stomach just drops. You rack your brain for abilities you may possess that could help figure a way out,
All I see in this world, is blue having no one to confide in you you find yourself inapt to do the things you wish to find and sew.   Pieces left to rot and dew the minds who have not a clue
  Pain, Torment, Hurt, Sorrow, Emptiness Feelings I experience everyday There is no way to describe Let them wash away and happiness stay  
Speak out! The voice of mutes made by cries that fall on deaf ears. The sounds of silence ringing on telephones of imagination and hopeful expectation. Filled with dignity, Clothed in shame.
Burden by definition something oppressive or worrisome And what I refuse to be   Mother I’m sorry must have said that phrase a million times People must be stupid I’m not dropping out to kick some rhymes
There once was a girl With long brown hair With bright blue eyes And skin so fair   There once was a girl With tears in her eyes With a blade in her hand And shaken with cries  
My struggles are hard to muster I feel like nobody understands me My struggles dull my luster  like rust to something shiny I though I was a normal kid  living the suburban life  Now I'm black man
Playing Video Games Strolling for walks Giving Piggy Back rides to one another Red roses on Wednesdays Purple Dresses for Prom Dressing like a doctor to mend my wounds
I had a love That did not love Me as I am Or as I was My love had loved another love So here today I stand
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