My Struggles

Tue, 08/06/2013 - 16:30 -- B.MAL


My struggles are hard to muster

I feel like nobody understands me

My struggles dull my luster 

like rust to something shiny

I though I was a normal kid 

living the suburban life 

Now I'm black man

fighting the ghetto life 

how can something so simple 

as race to control my destiny 

I thought that people would be happy 

that I'm doing whats best for me 

I guess its not the case

when those same people are in your face

asking you why you're here 

 saying you don't have what it takes 

Yes I cannot lie it did get to me

but I dug down deep inside of me

and found that I am my person 

and everything else was history

My struggles are far from over

I take one day at time 

God gives the strongest soldier

the hardest battle of their life.


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