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Midnight Watching you 'till I fall asleep As my eyes shut, you followed me in my dream You were my knight in shining armour, my Prince Charming
always to infinity, I fight the lights that scream (they are so bright!) Location: The auditorium Characters: Me? Purpose: To stop my hands from sweating so much, oh God   this stupid costume itches   
You may ask me what I need, and I could say food. I could say the neccesities. I could even say the love of my life, but I will not. The thing that means the most to me, the thing I could not bare to see go,
Nothing else on this earth has more power than music.
The crowd hushes, a magic silence, They sit, and wait, patient and quiet. The conductor settles, he stands very still, He raises his baton, the orchestra waits.
In 5,4,3,2,1  The words I will here when I sit in front of the camera at my dream job It will be more than a job it will be a career Getting the story, delievering the story, and the greatest part networking
She sings. The strings, play like a charm. Tuned so warm, to touch my heart. This is the start.   My lady, My ukulele.
Hear we've played The Musical KeysThat Wrote down the SymphonyFor the translation of the me in youand the confiscation of the you in me  Every Note Played in StrokeWith the Caressof Just Believe 
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