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In the 60's you were magical, in my young mind I knew that you could grant wishes. So I watched you I even claimed a star and named it Michael because I loved him so.  
One dreary night so bleak and grim, I found myself gone in spirit. No longer was I alone in my room, but alone in the depths of a pit. I looked around this dark chamber but only the full moon and Draco would meet my eyes.
Lately I've been dreaming of you. They were peaceful, happy dreams: Dreams full of smiles and laughter, Innocent dreams of love. I love you more than you know. And the times we share mean the world to me.
You were the best thing that ever happened to me; I love you, Michael.    
Won't you stay the night? To call me your "short-haired beauty" again. To stay up all night with me and talk. To tell me things of your past, present, and future. To hug me, maybe kiss me.
I'm slipping. You make me so confused sometimes. I'm still trying to figure out if you're good for me. You take my breath away. But, don't I need to breathe? I'm confused.
You're teaching me things every day. I learn more about you: The things you like, And the things you don't like. It's all very interesting. You're a very unique and special person to me.
That name rings madness around my head. Resonates inside my heart. I recantate your beautiful name. With each syllable my pulse quickens. My mouth runs dry. The sound of my heartbeat;
Oneday i will be the version of myself. Stand above the odds. A page in a history book, No longer on the shelf. Currently i am climbing. Looking for purpose to be Shining. No switch to my light, Forever burning until I'm Dying.
What our we fighting for Can anyone answer? The battles is on going just like the fight against cancer But why do we travel on a road that never ends Losing countless nights of sleep and burying countless friends
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