That name rings madness around my head.

Resonates inside my heart.

I recantate your beautiful name.

With each syllable my pulse quickens.

My mouth runs dry.

The sound of my heartbeat;

It beats like a drum.

Ba-boom. Ba-boom. Ba-boom.

Thudding wildly behind my chest.

My hands ache as they search for your face.

I yearn to feel your touch.

Your skin so smooth, soft.

My legs feel weak.

My knees begin to buckle.

Just the mere thought of you drives me insane.

My breath catches in my throat.

As I utter your name once more...

Whispered past my lips.

They quiver.

The one word in which my entire world resides.

You, my angel.

My life.

My love.

Air escapes my lungs.

Dots begin to fill my vison, they dance before my eyes.

Feeling faint as I think of you.

My darling.

I know you will be the only one to catch me when I fall.

To be in your arms.

Warm, safe.

Loved, cherished.

Adored, complacent.

The only place I want to lay.

Forever in your gaze.

In your warm embrace.

I see stars swimming in your eyes.

As you look at me,  I lay still.

Not breathing.

The world at a stand still.

Only you and I.


In this one moment; Perfect.

It's indescribable.

So we express these undeniable feelings.

Without words.

Only our gentle stares..

I remember to breathe.

Life returns to me.

My skin is flushed, sweat beads my brow.

I've survived, for now.

Until next time..

When you set your gaze upon me once more,

Will I be enveloped in your love.

Enwrapped in your forever loving grace.

Faint once more, on the verge of the true..

Happy death.






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