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waiting.... hours go by. it took a hole in me  leaving me empty, cold and mourning. as it eats me up leaving me with nothing but burning lungs and a broken heart.
Wombs.  It’s where we all come from And it would be wise to  Respect Them. Too many times It’s taken upon Men To neglect  Them. Degrade them. And even
You hang your head low,  because you feel inferior So Your crown has fallen, but little do you know that you are truly superior
This life that we live is a 2 sided coin theres a good and a bad side but with the good and bad  you can decide the final outcome  I sit here as an orphan, as a former foster youth 
18 and inn
The girl you see before you now, is not the girl i've always been I owned one pair of shoes, that i promosied i'd never lose my hair was long, but hardly ever done, while in school I was always number one,
I am me.  I am one of a kind. I don't comply to your societal norms. I don't hide behind lies.   But, sometimes, I have to pretend.  Sometimes, me, isn't good enough. At times, I am forced,
I am me, a diabolical scheme. I am a smile with pink lips, I am that woman that they say, "Excuse me, Miss?" A pretty face, but behind the painting that I reveal is a story.
I pity the fools who tried to rob me of my innocence, Of my hope for a society - For a world -  Where I'm not judged by the color of my skin or the mysterious voices I look to for guidance;
How easy is to dream of the future, and imagine what your life will be like in 10 to 20 years. Very excited to create a plan to achieve happiness But I have run into the realities of life
   They are everywhere. They are like lizards,snakes. Say things behind your back. They don't know what they are saying,they are fools. Keep your head up! Show them that you aren't listening to their negative comments.
To pick up the pieces self-shattered Undo the mess I helped create. To ignore the internal bruises As my heart continues to palpitate. I don’t want to live with the pain of failure But I’m afraid to die.
Silence. The worst hinderance. What we don’t wish to hear, comes to us crystal clear. But what we hope to come across, seems forever lost. Just a simple acknowledgement, how our lives are spent.
Bragging rights are rights for a reason, I work hard day to day, quarter to quarter, season to season. The “overachiever?” The “teacher’s pet?” The “know it all?” Go ahead, I’ve been called them all.
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