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Bragging rights are rights for a reason,
I work hard day to day, quarter to quarter, season to season.
The “overachiever?” The “teacher’s pet?” The “know it all?”
Go ahead, I’ve been called them all.
So keep rolling the ball, I won’t stall; much higher is my call,
Tall, I will stand because I know I can with my supporters by my side, hand in hand.

Every fiber of my being knows it, and I’ll express this with my side as a poet.
I strive for optimism through all the criticism from my fellow citizens, aiming to break free from my peer’s prisons. For my generation I will be a sample of the example to lead the way. Helping others within my range come snow, sleet, haze, rain, or shade.

Besides my determination, who am I? Well, isn’t that what everyone tries to decipher and decide? I’m as much the girl curled in the corner for hours with book, as I am the girl dribbling the ball down the court. I’m friends with people of all kinds and sorts. Of course, there’s also the flip of the dime that looks to donate time whenever I can resort. I’m a Disney freak, a Finding Nemo fanatic. When you need a friend I’ll be there; it’s automatic like “Go- Go- Gadget.” What matters is all in all, with each of these bits and every role this is still my stage, switching from face to face, age to age.

“Individually,” I’m society’s typical teen with playing my music too loud, blasting the sound while giggling around with girls about any and everything. So it would seem, I fit the image of a teen of sometimes making a bigger deal out of the little things than need be. Contributing to the materialism society imposes on me, buying the latest CD, seeing the “hottest” movies, and watching this years “it” DVD. I’d like to think I’m 100% me without influence from society, but I blend my traits with society’s bait and result into something in between. But there are things I choose to be, for example, academically. I’m a Peninsula Seahawk, a proud Ranger, and a Husky to be. All at once, the three are a part of me. Still in high school, a part of a college community, and heading to the “big leagues” at a university.

Yep, you can see I’m random and sometimes erratic and I’m overjoyed when it flows from me to another like static. Well, while I’m at it and if you haven’t quite “had it”, here’s some more about me and my multiple identities. And no, I’m not talking about disorders of the personality. Well now, let’s see. Besides the few fun facts, seriously, where did I come from and who do I want to be?

I was raised by a retired, single, strong-willed German mother, a parent unlike any other. Adopted me and raised me as her own, to say I was taken into such a great family I am proud to let it be known. I was in the foster care system and because of that, becoming a social worker is where my sights are set. Ironically, I am in the system’s debt. Despite all its faults and flaws, cause and laws, it’s that experience that put my career search on pause. From the time of third grade, a promise I made; those who would follow my experience I would come to their aid. I would work in the system to assist them in any way I can with my personal experience on hand. I was raised to pursue my passions and helping people is where that happens. Is this part of me constructed socially? Perhaps, but I love making people smile and laugh, to do so I’ll go the extra mile to get someone to relax, even just for a little while.

So there you have an insight to the script I write, despite what society has for me typed. My experience, communications, and relations shape me; Each and every one contributing to who I am, where I came from and who I’ll be. Some of my own choices changing the latter, riches can rise from the tatters. To conclude before I bid “adieu,” I leave these last lines as a message to you; my actions, my words, my triumphs, my mistakes. The wrongs and the rights, all that make up my identities have made up my life.



This is a great poem. I came from the Key Peninsula and I relate to you in that you came from somewhere small and want to be more. good luck <3

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