The life we choose to accept

This life that we live

is a 2 sided coin

theres a good and a bad side

but with the good and bad 

you can decide the final outcome 

I sit here as an orphan, as a former foster youth 

as a refugee from Africa and as a statistic.

My coin has done nothing but land on tails every time I flipped it.

But I also sit here as a college athlete, as a college student

as a survivor, and as an advocate.

I took every tail I flipped from my coin and flipped that.

I beat the statistics, I created my own family, I rose above my obstacles 

I did not accept the life I was given, I chose to create a better life, one that I could be proud of

In my life, your life, our lives. No matter what side of the coin we get, we can flip that.

no matter what you go though, remember THIS LIFE IS AWESOME!

This the life I chose to accept 



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