Come on, pick up your mask.


I am me, a diabolical scheme.

I am a smile with pink lips,

I am that woman that they say, "Excuse me, Miss?"

A pretty face, but behind the painting that I reveal is a story.

A story that you can not just be told, it is something that you must live.


Take it from me, I've been there too.

Days where I forget but then I remember the regret,

Despite everything I question, what I'm working so hard for?

Am I going to fail?

Is this really me?

I don't even know who I am anymore with this shield always blocking my path.

Then it astounds me, it hits me, it hurts me, it surrounds me.

It being reality, what you are working for, it's all apart of a scene.


Will you be noticed for who you are or what you look like?

Will people even care to see a woman dare?

Or are they just trying to imagine her bare?

Her nakedness is everything it seems.

They have stripped her of it all and she is left in despair.

She wonders to herself, is her heart even there?


Wake up, pick up your mask.

Do not even ask, Why?

Just do it,

Keep your mind to it and everything else will fall into place.

Let them stare, but do not let them in and do not let them break you down.

Keep that smile and don't ever frown.

Ignorance can be bliss, so keep it that way.

What you strive for, keep believing in yourself and make your dream come true.

Don't do it for anyone else girl, do it for you.


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