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I know it’s her way, processes she developed Need to tell another, a check and balance No guessing where I stand just a verdict at hand I know it’s her way, now it has become mine Letter written handed out
For all my life, I have never had an inspiration, 
Life is a bipolar frenemy Who constantly throws you surprise parties Good, and bad In no particular order, just to scare you One day my slice wears a face of joy
Caring Individual
Your eyesThe windows to the heartYours bring out thoughts of the most beautiful scenesThe things that make it hard to partThe green of an alive sea full of life.
Do you ever just wonder, Listen, and wait?Before that moment is gone - its too late.That moment is behind us, Its stuck in the past.But why let that stop you, Must the pain last?
the feeling of power swallows the soul into an abyss ofan evil being we thought would be never capable.but then there's the mighty ones turning that power into a beacon of hope and a brighter future for man kind.
How shall I describe these things?
As the sun rises, I feel the fire. I feel the sensation of burning and temptation. The sun rises high and I am flying. The love we share takes me off my feet. There is no regret, there is no sorrow. The one I used to feel for is no longer.
At one time, Darling, you were everything I hoped for. You were my answered prayer, My shot at happiness. You were the one, I thought. With your moonlight smile, And your chocolate chip eyes.
Smiling, you approach your destiny without knowing what to expect. Your frequency with her was always meant to be, It was always just a matter of believing it for real in your own mind.
Sitting here tired, and disgusted woundering why. why you did this to me? why you wasted my time? why i loved you? why you said all those things you said? why you staied when we both knew it was best to leave?
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