aeternum bellator


the feeling of power swallows the soul into an abyss ofan evil being we thought would be never capable.but then there's the mighty ones turning that power into a beacon of hope and a brighter future for man kind. the quintessential of a great character all in one. stands down when there's no need to fight. but when the time comes releases all its power to vanquish that evil of which should not be spoken, receiving all its power from the sun ,absorbing its ray for power like a flowers uses the sunlight to grow. it bounded by nothing but holds close to the ground. the tranquility of knowing a difference can be made for the greater good. and his suit of armor reflecting character,humbleness,strength emotionally and also physically. at the heavens he doesn't stop his power is limitless so he ventures into space. when it comes to harsh measures hes met with if he should or shouldn't but he does it for mankind ; when having taken the action met with resolve that he did it for good to protect.  Know for him to hideaway this power and conceal who he is within society. 
Only when he is needed will he come and protect those that are needed of 


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