Everything Goes Downhill From Here


As the sun rises, I feel the fire. I feel the sensation of burning and temptation. The sun rises high and I am flying. The love we share takes me off my feet. There is no regret, there is no sorrow. The one I used to feel for is no longer. He cannot cherrish, he can no wither, he is no long the one i am willing. The one I am willing to sacrifice for, the one with the desire to keep me a float. The sun is like feelings, the mid day comes and as the rising, it must fall. As the sun goes down, I feel the frown. Everyone looks down on the feelings that surround me. I don't need pitty, only sorrow. The one I felt for no loger has my desire, to move on is the senario. The moon is up and it has come to an end. Move on, push forward, the flying has come down to the ground.

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