the harshness of the reality of loving you


Smiling, you approach your destiny without knowing what to expect.

Your frequency with her was always meant to be,

It was always just a matter of believing it for real in your own mind.

She always believed in you and never gave up.

The stream of wellbeing starts with your heart and ends connected to hers.

She loves you and opened your eyes to the beauty of true love and trust.


The past was horrible,

But the past is the past.

All you have left together is the present and the future,

Which will eventually become the present.

You will always have her as a part of your life.

You were never able to view her true beauty,

Physical and inner,

Until she captured your heart while she was so far away.


Distance is nothing when it comes to loving someone.

Nothing stopped her from believing you were right for her,

But it took years for you to realize what used to be a horrible thing that no one agreed with could turn into true love that is allowed to bloom and become a

Real Relationship between two adults that love each other.


All you have to do is believe in what you feel

And you will be happy with the girl you never thought was right for you because of her age.

In the big picture,

Age is nothing.

Love, want, and happiness are everything.

And she gives you all three.


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