Do you ever just wonder,&


Do you ever just wonder,
 Listen, and wait?
Before that moment is gone
 - its too late.
That moment is behind us,
 Its stuck in the past.
But why let that stop you,
 Must the pain last?

You can't change things,
 Not at all.
You can catch the stumble,
 But not the fall.
But why not go on,
 Stand up once again?
Life isn't over,
 It's hardly the end.

Moments do hurt,
 And there is pain we must bare,
But don't ache to long,
 Don't pause to despair.
There's something brighter,
 Something ahead,
So don't miss this chance,
 Theres nothing to dread.

Theres something bigger:
 A better tomorrow.
So lift up your head,
 And forget all the sorrow.
Because there's something out there,
 Something for you,
That will prove this all worth it,
 Far more then you knew.

You can't start a new chapter,
 If you keep reading the last.
So always just remember:

 Its all in the past. 





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