' 'fear' 'love' 'beauty' 'heart' 'selflove' 'loveyourself' 'relationships' 'marriage' 'taboo' single'

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God overruled my awful thinking and set me on a rock. He told me to pick up His word to learn that even though He was furious His love never stopped.
I must first love Christ with all my heart no matter the circumstances,  before I can love my soulmate for better or for worse. I have to dedicate my life to Him before I can dedicate my life to her. 
Here upon this old woven chair She sits in the land of the inbetween Perched under a wooden sign post The one rooted into muscle that sits between our ribs   There at the very tip toe top  
When you think of me, do you wish me well? Or does your mind still convince you that I belong in hell. Do you still see me through those floral lenses, Was the blush color gone after your cleanses,
Marriage: A Union or a Taboo   I’m 30, yet single not married Not even dare to fumble Not even trying to mingle Cz I’m out of a forever relationship
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