Marriage: A Union or A Taboo



Marriage: A Union or a Taboo


I’m 30, yet single not married

Not even dare to fumble

Not even trying to mingle

Cz I’m out of a forever relationship

And, it collapsed before it could actually venture


I’m living a life unknown

Nobody knows who I’m and what I have been through


I’m doing a job that I don’t care

I feel I’m building myself nowhere


Society tells me my value of a woman is fading away

Or, maybe I need a Botox to get back the one lost young trait




I need my time to heal, I need my time to rebuilt

And, I feel pressurized to make something of the relationship too soon


I’m feeling apathetic in weird ways

I’m pushing my so-called friends at triple pace

And, society just feels I’m dreading into being single not understanding I just need some space


Life is uncertain, unpredictable in its own ways

Alas! I thought life is and will be my ways

Adventurous, travelling, memories

Ghosh! I was foolish

Was just paving a false way


What more!!!!!


You haven’t find a partner!

Your age is growing!

Your time is running out!

Your friends are married doodling a baby in their mind space!


These all societal thoughts filled me with shame

And, this shame filled me with a guilt

A guilt that I haven’t achieved anything cz I’m not married yet

And, it’s certainly a downhill if I remains this way


I know!

Yes, I know


I need to put a stop!

Else, I will fade away


I decided to accept that shame with a bay

Just to feel joy along my way


I know my job is pointless

I still try to look at a single ray

Instead of running away, I decided to accept whatever is the God’s play

Though it’s not easy and it’s not at all my way



But, I decided to come out of this shame

In the light, out of the pain…out of the hay

My experiences, mistakes, and choices brought me this way

They make me feel regretful, sad yet thankful for this beautiful day


Cz today I still have countless chances to reinvent, rework, and rebuild my way


To live what I haven’t lived yet

To meet new people and experience it at its best


Age is not an expiration to one’s beauty, to one’s worth

It’s just a number until you define until you set


I’m on my way

I will not settle now till I find myself

My own way!!


Thank you society for realising my own worth of being a woman to me!


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