Am I still your jewel?

When you think of me, do you wish me well?

Or does your mind still convince you that I belong in hell.

Do you still see me through those floral lenses,

Was the blush color gone after your cleanses,

Am I still your jewel you didn't want anyone to touch,

The questions slapping the walls of my head,

I cant live on your words as my crutch,

I hope that when I cross your thoughts you smile with content,

Because your beautiful face in my head is something I cannot prevent,

We were filled with so much life, love, and happiness,

Until the 3rd year we realized the days just passed us,

I forgot to love the things that first caught my heart,

The eyes,

His nose, 

His voice from the start,

The color of your eyes and the sound of his voice fell apart,

I fight myself because there's no reason to speak to you,

But my bullshit reason is i'm tired of feeling blue,

You were the sun to the darkest day,

Beautiful and bright,

Listening to every word you'd say,

But you've burned me and gone away,

Now im forced to make light of this situation,

Alone and quiet not a single notification,

You were the air in my lungs that helped me strive,

You're gone and I question,

"Do I even feel alive?'

I hope that when you breathe in you see the beauty in life,

 I love you,

And I still tell you,

Every night





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