The Most Important Union

I must first love Christ with all my heart no matter the circumstances, 

before I can love my soulmate for better or for worse.

I have to dedicate my life to Him before I can dedicate my life to her. 

I need to commit to union with Jesus before I can commit

to marriage with my partner. 

Before I open up my life to a woman, I must first recognize that He is enough for me. 

Only after I find everlasting joy in Him can I then be able to experience 

lifelong joy with Her. 

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Annette M Velasquez

Truth... I wish that more people realized this- men and women. But the world is blinded. Thank you for standing up for, and voicing your Christian convictions. This is needed, when many artists and writers either disregard or worse, ridicule Christianity. But all this is part of the tribulations our world is undergoing... You will be richly blessed for speaking Truth.

Passionate Dreamer

Thank you!!

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