My Truth Part 2

God overruled my awful thinking and set me on a rock. He told me to pick up His word to learn that even though He was furious His love never stopped. My truth is I didn't run but slowly walked away from building on the sand that steadily kept me sinking in sin. The Lord blessed me with His Spirit and Jesus turned from foe to friend. With the guidance of His truth I became reborn again. Helping other's so that they know salvation is in repentance. Our lives are the purpose so that other's may come to see the goodness God has in store for us who love Him more than earthly things. My truth is hiding from your truth is what makes us our own enemy. Jesus is the way even if you're poor, gay, an adulterer or choosing to be a thug. Jesus came so that we may live OUR lives abundantly. Yes we all know we are suppose to turn to Him and sin no more. Cleverly the Lord said it's the pureness in hearts that make us stand apart. Murders can go to heaven and good people can go to hell this I can say for certain, because my truth is that each and every one of us are sinners, that is something that won't ever change, but to live for Jesus we no longer have to be slaves to what makes us ashamed. My truth is to be a beacon for Gods light to shine. Even though I've plead guilty and life hardships still tell me I won't survive. The Lord says my truth is I'm His and He is with me even if no one is physically by my side.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



We are sinners, yessss....and lies to hide...

but you have to know to live with peace and love.

It is the great lesson! It is my plan.



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