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Under the mask is a villain   who solemnly swears he’s the hero   Under the mask is a wolf    wrapped in sheep’s clothing   Under the mask is a snake   
The world is too small for all those people to fit , Who won't admit the crimes they commit ! They smile to attract, but everything's a lucid act! Oh! I can see through the disguise they enact . It's ugly,
They come to you for advice They tell you secrets and stories They gab and gossip and brag But they never ask about you Or how you’re doing So you just listen And pretend to care Just like them
You may think you know me. You see my smile,  the pep in my step, the flitter in my voice.   You may think you know me, but you only know my mask.   My mask is smiling,
Dear little boy who sleeps in my doorstepEvery day you see me with a smile when I on walk pass you the streetYou call me Miss HappyYou wish my world was yoursLittle that you know, I was dying insideFor you
  Pushing someone to the side because you're not getting what you want, Digging up dirty from the past oh you're a coward this isn't something you should flaunt,
Finally been thinking about all those thoughts in your head and those feelings that wouldn't come out? Sometimes you can't say it out loud,
I'm a teapotwarm and boilingboiling so much that my top is poundingpounding me until I can no longer feel the burning sensationthis rapid raceand unwilling face looks at menot wanting to touch me
Open up your eyes and can't you see This is who I am I'm not this fake you want me to be And you know I never can Just pretend to be This make believe Girl you want to see
The Idea of IdeasBy Ariel Randolph Everyone’s opinions around me connects in a way. I, for the longest time, could not label. Up until now, I knew that the peoplewho are young minded and free spirited, or just have that something about them that g
  Am I a bad friend? I’ve always had trouble with relationships. Whether it be with a friend, a guy, or family. Am I a bad friend?
What happened to the secrets we shared? The tears we cried?The friendship we tried to keep when it was hanging from a thread? Have you forgot all about it?We've been together trough thick and thin
What did I do to offend you?   I didn’t mean any harm What did I do?   I meant it as a joke. What did I do?   You get mad at the slightest things. What did I do?  
Forget the world and the ghetto  too. When I wake up I get ready to lace up my shoes. Walking out the  front wondering if someone is going to shoot. Five weeks earlier my home-boy kirk was shot all over the news.
They're are days when its raining. They're are days when its bright and sunny. They're are days when I feel down. They're are days when I feel happy. During those times, im always walking with no one by my side.
  Poetry is an escape A world with no bounds It breaks the contorting chains of this oppressive world It overcomes humanity and undercuts the fascists in this authoritarian society Poetry bleeds our passions
You meet and it's awkward and you don't think it will last, Then all of the sudden spending time with them turns into a blast. You go to the mall and watch movies, And share your dance moves you think are "groovy."
I'm scared of what's out there. Friends are not friends, but people who pass by your life; they open up to you with different reasons and in the end, they leave you confused on what it all really meant.
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