What Lies Behind a Mask?

Tue, 04/20/2021 - 20:54 -- Akeebee

Under the mask is a villain


who solemnly swears he’s the hero


Under the mask is a wolf 


wrapped in sheep’s clothing


Under the mask is a snake 


shedding its scales believing that with it will go his sins and transgressions.


He smiles


And your blinded by the whiteness of his teeth


If only you knew of the foul decay lying beneath his feet.


What lies behind the mask is a monster.


Plain and simple.



You say “oh well he can change right?”


You see the thing about redemption


Is that you have to want it


Sorry, let me make a correction


You have to thirst for it


You have to be ready to shake off the facade


Set down the jokes


Take off the hood and drop the cloak



You have to accept and acknowledge your crime


realize that its impact may last a lifetime


You must be so overcome with regret and sorrow 


that the words “I’m sorry” 


plaster like paint across your face




But that's besides the point as he fails to even recognize the devil in his reflection


He says “no that’s not me”


“I don’t know what that is”


What it is, is your creation.


The product of your sins, and the sufferings you’ve inflicted


Its ugly isn’t it?


What ?


you thought it’d be pretty?


Ha, hmm thats funny. 




I’m saying all of this to say


Be careful who you trust 


Be careful who you hand your heart


like a piece of candy 


Because sadly


Not everything is as it seems


For many hide behind a mask


And what hides behind a mask is a monster. 


Plain and simple.

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Our world


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