Pushing someone to the side because you're not getting what you want,
Digging up dirty from the past oh you're a coward this isn't something you should flaunt,
The cameras love your appearance yet your personality causes people to turn their faces,
Time you spent trying to ruin a life has been wasted,
She's shining on and off the court with her boyfriend but you're the host of your own pity party,
Gritting your teeth hoping that no one recognizes that you're naughty,
Far from nice and giving up on the opportunity to be happy,
You turn away every sign of love pushing away the heartfelt and sappy,
With a smile so bright it's hard to see why your soul is so dark,
You can choose to do good, no one likes the way you're leaving your mark,
Five, four, three, two, one the show is about to start; the team's owner seems to be timely,
What goes around comes around so I suggest you stop being so grimey.


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