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With tainted lips he drew me in he plucked my hands he kissed it softly in a soft song he whispered to me The way I see you, my darling it makes the stars gleam brighter, but they only reminisce
Myths and legends are alive and well all around us.   Apollo lives  in the steady hands of a medical surgeon In the voice of the newest, hottest star
The Elven Realm    I was walking through the meadow, swirling through the wheat, when suddenly I came upon a figure, Sweltering among the summer’s heat. He said to me, “Do not step farther,
Windows to the otherwhere Where the folk are fey and fair Oh, you mortals all beware, Beware the fair-folk’s call   Beauties bright around you blaze
Hair as black as nightDarker than fair fae stepping lightDancing dancing through forest wildLight as a Lynx and innocent as a childNow hear the wolfs callAnd watch the moons progress stall
Stay away; do not go in.  Cold cruel eyes beckon you to Dance in darkness drenched in sin. Though they promise rewards within— Food and drink and love anew—
alluring temptress  play your witching song
Green and red and blue eyes wild, Darkness and light and spinning breezes, The laughter of a fairy child, And the words of the toy the child squeezes.   The fae dance and twirl among the trees,
Hark! Do you perceive  filled to the brim with joy attentive to the music of the fey? The way the trees whisper amongst each other, the way the wind whistles in harmony, the crickets titter in tune,
Somewhere in the land of Gray There was a girl, whose name was Kay Kay was smart, Kay was beautiful Most of all, Kay was truthful A dreamer in the best of ways In her head spent most her days
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