Following the Fae

Hair as black as night
Darker than fair fae stepping light
Dancing dancing through forest wild
Light as a Lynx and innocent as a child
Now hear the wolfs call
And watch the moons progress stall
All the forest watches in awe
As the fair fae dances away from bears maw
Now chase her with curious desire
Through the night lit by no fire
Chase the beauty of the fae
Through long night and bright day 
Rest not once in weary repose
For the beauty of the fae is like a rose
A beautiful face so fair
But deadly to those unaware 
So run run run away
From night to day
Chase not the fair fae
For she leads weary men astray
The dark haired one rests on tears
Waiting for you to chase away the fears
Love her with a love that burns bright
And never again chase fair fae into night. 



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