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It's so funny how it seems like everytime I tell you that I am doing something, you are suddenly doing it too, But the only difference is that everytime you start something, you never seem to see it through.
Ya Know I've Heard It Said By Older Heads... COMPETITION Is Part of Human STRENGTH... !!!
I'm sure you've heard of Athena vs. Arachne The infamous rivalry and it's kind of wacky If you have or haven't make sure to keep reading This story is nothing like you've been believing
No more swooshes on black bands a powerful woman, once forgotten she is feared by men of all lands Srong, glowing, winner fast, competitive, sinner VICTORY emblazoned on her back
  25 yards, at age 10 At 11, 50 yards Now at age 18 I am going 1650 yards in one race An average man can go 3 days without water,
It's like they ask you to play a video game and you're expected to win. You try your best, but there's a ball of wool   in front of the screen. Occasionally your fingers go numb
life is, life is, and love is not, as love is just a viri plot, that hits the brain and blinds the eyes, to which the ugly looks, like nice,
I found my real friends Marketed an iPad app And stressed for college. (What's new?)
I love the beast hidden within me, sneakily behind these quiet eyes, only unleased when it is time to unwind with a good ol' game of air hockey.   The two shiny quarters in my palm
What's the point of a thought if all you do is yell? I can't even hear myself think I don't like the song the cupboards make Can you stop making life sound like hell?  
Looking at the ground,
Every relationship has its ups and downs right? Right? And the ups can match the downs hell, the downs can outnumber the ups as long as one truth remains, that we exist better  Together.  
it's hard to believe i'm ***FLAWLESS sometimes but looking at the evidence, who can deny? with the way syncopated drum rhythms wrap around my head like a crown
Will I be good enough to take a narrow spot it has come down to me and that gluten-free nut but if I had to choose I'd place my stock in me threw out the insecure and bought some self-esteem
we compete with our siblings for attention we compete with our class mates for the golden stickers we compete with our school mates for class rank we compete with national students for college admission
Eyes open. Chest out. Back straight. Shoulders back. Closed mouth, open mind. Now be ready for attack. All the words flow through my mind. So distracting, I’m so behind! Out of tune, out of time,
Take ones adversity,
Sitting at a desk, listening to a teacher
Lacrosse is my favorite sport I love running and I love to score Without lacrosse my life would be a bore I never want to quit I only want more When I am on the field I run as fast as I can
Wrote this for a person who thought they were better than me.... Enjoy. Comment. Vote> 0_0   I cant hear you over the applause. My Fans are to enormous and the clause of my contract says,
Every war that was ever fought all began with a single thought. They are such powerful things: the start of relationships and flings. One thing leads to another and your thoughts become words.
I look around me, and what I see are giants, towering, mastering, so alive. They build and create monuments--no room for me-- While I am merely an ant, no matter how I strive.  
All year, we've been preparing for this moment. The grueling practices, The difficult performances, The friendships formed. This is our time to shine.
Let’s keep this simple. Nothing good comes from slicing the throats of peers Let’s keep this simple Nothing good comes from competitors Jealousy Jealousy is rooted from competition
We feel the golden rays of sun beating down on our faces, As we look towards our leader while our own heart races. Our feet hit the ground at the sound of the beat, Arms, legs, and backs ache from the feel of the heat.
Everything is rooted in competition What a sad way to live It makes me not want to give Myself Collectivity is lacking Individualism is overused All this talk is going to blow a fuse in my brain
Eyes locked in concentration Taking every scent and sound Merging with the ground Silent and deadly as the night Moving with swiftness and grace Anticipation of a wild chase Heart beating the jungle rhythm
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