It's like

they ask you to play a video game

and you're expected to win.

You try your best, but there's a

ball of wool

  in front of the screen.

Occasionally your fingers go numb

  on the controller.

Sometimes ear plugs fall into place.

Sometimes the wool even goes somewhere else

and you can feel your fingers again

and the earplugs squirm out.

For others the 

  earplugs and the numb fingers and the ball of wool 

  stay all the time

  and somehow

their character is still alive.

You have an advantage bit

  you're doing worse than they are.

Others lack the 

  the wool and the earplugs and the numb fingers.

You're torn between being glad for those who

have it easy

and wanting them to know what you experience.

To feel it.


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