Changes in Maturity

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  Check All That Applies. Grow up? No. Glo Up? No. I am 5 feet… nothing more, nothing less.  People always told me that I was pretty since I hit my “glo up” and I beg to differ.
    There is an ignorance to a child     They take with no assessment     Their mind permanently covered in a self-evolved haze
The weight of words are incongruent Despite the efforts you made Your’s were never deemed confluent   The illusive link and its many herrings
One moment That was all it took For the realization to settle That I would never be a child anymore   It happened in the bathroom In front of the mirror When I couldn't see myself
The minds of feeble boys Boisterous  Unbalanced  Braggadocious Blaming  bonds bought by bad bargaining- Instead of the one who's done the negotiation
The body is so simple till that certain age Never to be the same Changes you never expected This is no game Change happens fast and you will wish it never came People think change if fun but its not a game
I've got dandelion wishes and sweet Eskimo kisses, one empty promise on my tongue. We never die in my innocence, full of beautiful ignorance, the price of being carefree and young.
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