Never Die

Sat, 11/24/2012 - 13:49 -- kmw1995

I've got dandelion wishes
and sweet Eskimo kisses,
one empty promise on my tongue.
We never die in my innocence,
full of beautiful ignorance,
the price of being carefree and young.

Tried to abandon who you were--
I thought growing up meant leaving her,
now an angel with a halo and horns.
Not ready for less reliance
yet praying for independence,
defiant against any scorn.

I'll never die in his Holy home,
bowing at the edge of His throne,
singing psalms in His reigning grace.
A kingdom with sinners like me,
lost in blessed eternity,
forevermore giving Him praise.



I really enjoy your pieces! Its almost as if i can feel your emotions, very interesting!


Thank you so much!

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