Checklist of Maturity


Check All That Applies. Grow up? No. Glo Up? No.

I am 5 feet… nothing more, nothing less.

 People always told me that I was pretty since I hit my “glo up” and I beg to differ.

 I didn’t know that being pretty consisted of your butt getting bigger and getting braces off. 

Grow up? No. Glo Up? Yes.

Compared to my family and friends I am an ant.

Small, fragile, and  easy to crush.

A guy would lure me into their trap and I would end up dead. 

Heart crushed and then revived again like nothing happened. 


I would repeat the same routine over and over again, blinded to the fact that I was in pain.

I see other ants and nature start to grow around me and I still remain small and foolish.

Why? I don’t know.

All it took was one mistake to know why I never grew.

One mistake that I never wanted to happen… one mistake that your parents would warn you about. 

The one mistake that changed my life.

Grow up? No. Glo up? Yes.

Heartbreak after heartbreak I got stronger.

Foolish decision after foolish decision I got wiser.

I am thankful that I found my self worth.

I found my voice. And I spake. 

I spoke of the intelligence growing inside me after every mistake in my life.

No longer I would sit for a man’s entertainment.

No longer I shall be crushed and pushed over by the worst the world has to offer.

My mentality changed.

My maturness changed.

I changed. 

Knowing that my mind is finally capable of understanding and acting upon the truth of the world and other people’s intentions made me finally be able to complete my self checklist. 

I understood that growing up is completely different from the development of one’s physical stature.

It's the growth of the maturity of their mentality. 

Grow up? Yes. Glo up? Yes. 


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