A moment in Time

    There is an ignorance to a child

    They take with no assessment

    Their mind permanently covered in a self-evolved haze

    It's not a subject that should feel shame

    Rather a sign of maturing brain

    I once had that innocent take

    Leaving things astray

    Living in my own daze

    Like a sweeping swallow

    She gathered up the crumbs I forsake

    That is til her persistence slowly wore thin

    Her solid exterior began to quake

    Never did I see her show a sign of ache

    There she laid with misery written on her face

    A hand crutched above of her breast

    A heart with my many scars that wanted a break

    I watched as they bore her away

    She smiled and whispered “that it will all turn okay”

    As they sped away

    Letting the dust caress my distraught face

    It was then I knew that how selfish I was

    How I never took the chance to consider others

    Now I could revise my approach to life

    As I drove past the signs

    I made an oath to duties not to sherik

    Take others feelings into regard

    Care for my kin while they are nigh

    This responsibility is mine


This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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