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"VIRTUOUS HUMAN" You're the true instance of virtuous human. Your mind as pure as crystal, your heart soft and sound like waters.
If her love was transportation, no hesitation I'm on a mission, her company heads to the rightful destination. State of elation. A thought of her equivalent to paradise, BLESSING haven. She's beautiful like heaven. -C9fm
May we be clear. May we dwell in the house of wellness.
I'm not the girl you remember, a mean face, but submissive, nice to most, & sweet. I tossed her to the wolves, no eviction notice, they ate her alive, fresh meat, bona petit.
I'm thankful for the sun, the blessing received from its warmth.  I'm thankful for the stars, for guiding me through the night. I'm thankful for the love, that spreads from near and far.
I want things That I avoid Because I do not want To want. Wanting comes with anticipation And desires, when they
The words echoed in my head."Mommy has breast cancer."  Tears.Here and there they fell, yet always in secret.The helplessness consumed me.A picture of death branded into my mind.This lasted for weeksand weeksand weeks.Grades fell.I stopped eating.
I finally came at peace with myself With my emotions With my decisions For I know everything is going to be just fine For I know that everything leads up to an ultimate lesson learned
Someone died today And your sorrow is cherished It was a long time ago May moss grow on their bones
a true blessing they are they upgraded my eyes no more silly glasses to hide me from the outside   although they may be costly I do love them so for I'd choose sight over money
One thing that's been both a blessing and a curse in my life is my ability to see all that's amazingly good in a person; and those are the parts I fallin love with.
I am blessed in many ways, God blessed me with wonderful parents, God blessed me with beautiful children,
I don't know why you wear a mask,
There were candles in her eyes
Walking down the street with tear in my eyes and you still have words to say to me? My head in the ground, dirt in my face and your still kicking me?
She carried me within her for nine long months
  What a Blessed Friend        My friend in relation             My loving sister in bond             I look to you with amazement
  Blessed At Heart             One I would follow             Till the end of time             A friend so you are             But more can you be  
Of wormholes And hyperboles, Of mispronunciation   Of sci-fi, And of grammar, And of fun-facts by the dozen   Of kites And cars, Kaleidoscopes,
Growing up is scary Time keeps passing by
In the heart of the city of Manhattan, There once was a girl by the name of Ashton. She was as rich as could be, As her parents were the CEO’s of a large company. Her funds were spent like they never would end,
The room is colder without you. The stage doesn't shine anymore. Rehearsals fly by without thought. Every song relates to you somehow.... Tears fill the back of our eyes whenever we see something like you.
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