Turn Darkness Into Light

Walking down the street with tear in my eyes and you still have words to say to me?

My head in the ground, dirt in my face and your still kicking me?

Blood spewing from my veins painting a canvas of red and your still cutting me?

Bully is not the term for you, no! You are evil.

You are the demons crawling from hell's pit attacking the weak

You pray on the innocent, the young, the scared.

You do not have the guts to attack those who really threaten you

Scared of the blacked eyed monsters in your dreams.

You are not cool, fun, or even liked

You are only feared and mocked when your back is turned.

Your words may be sharp and your kicks my be hard

but you are nothing more than weak.

You hide in the dark instead of showing your face

You sucker punch and then run.

You are a disgrace to society

But you can always turn around.


Stop with the hate, rise above, learn to love

Paint the streets with smiles, peace, and hearts.

Let the past fade into the miles and mile of stars above the sky.

Show your face in the light, use your words for good and your feet for walking.

Become an angel in the world filled with pain, learn to help heal the wounds of the past

So that tomorrow can be seen as a blessing and not a curse.

Be the person you always wanted to be.

Be my hero not my enemy.



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