I Remember You


United States
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The room is colder without you.
The stage doesn't shine anymore.
Rehearsals fly by without thought.
Every song relates to you somehow....
Tears fill the back of our eyes whenever we see something like you.
No more depression just acceptance.
We've all accepted the fact that you're gone.
Could you answer my question?
What made you think that life wasn't valuable?
That your life wasn't valuable....
Maybe you didn't know that every pirouet was a resemblance of Earth's rotation.
And now the Earth has stopped.
The moment you took your last breath was the moment when life became real.
We saw the look on her face.
She was devastated...
She loved your very walk.
She worshiped the very ground you walked on.
How could you be so selfish?
You took everything from her, from him, from them, and from us.
What took all but one minute effects us for a lifetime.
I remember that smile you had, so flawless.
Your hair golden brown with life.
You owned the stage every time you we're on it.
I see you every day I wake up and every night I lay my head down.
I guess I should have told you something special the day before.
Maybe that Friday I should have took the time to press the question of why your head was down.
Maybe I should have just told you that "I love you".
Could we have saved you?
I remember you.....Maggie Olivia Harry (a blessing to Pike High School)


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