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You ask me to change myself, constantly You instruct me to turn into someone I'll never be People can't accept me for my true self, actually You thought I'd be sorry for being myself, really?
it's been a Cold November September-December-July-August-May This year - more than last Or maybe less than last Sometimes it's hard to remember Recall-commemorate-memorialize
You You think you know who I am Based on the words of my friends and my fam Me I know I know who I am, that's true More than the person who says my name more than I do Poetry
Who am I who are you ? I'm just a girl in a big city with a voice bigger than my image someone who loves to speak someone one day everybody is going to want to meet and greet but who am I
you all are so self inclined like your strugles are any worse than mine. like you could be any greater than me, just because you wrote your feelings in lines?   Oh, how wonderful it must be,
"Hey, guess what I heard" started it all, It wasn't meant to hurt but It did... I didn't know it would Turn out this way.   "I heard she's a slut!" filled the air That we all breathed in and
I have lost all my values , I don’t know who  I am anymore is it even all worth it giving up what I believe, giving in ,following the crowd just to be seen ,just to be popular what does it all really mean I am lost and  but I don’t know if I’m rea
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