To the poet who writes for fame and renown

Tue, 11/11/2014 - 18:53 -- Mj2397


you all are so self inclined

like your strugles are any worse than mine.

like you could be any greater than me,

just because you wrote your feelings in lines?


Oh, how wonderful it must be,

to think yourself as fluent as a breeze.

each time you speak, you think it unique,

but its the same as any other teen


Complain about how hard your life was,

do everything your little clique does.

write down all your words, make sure they are heard,

not a thing can be just because.


I call you a poet because you are.

if I call you that, be proud, youve worked hard.

Your words are all for good, you wrote them because you could

you dont have to pay any dues or carry any card.


This isnt for all the writers who will view,

this message was designed for a select few.

for those who write only for a spotlight

I, at least, am ashamed of you

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